Data-driven solutions for Adtech and Martech

We enable compliant data-driven advertising via our proprietary technology and platforms.


Transform your data potential with one seamless integration

Unlock your data's full potential with Audiencerate's leading-edge technology, connecting data owners to the world's largest data marketplaces with full transparency and top-notch performance.

Data Platform

License Data on Premium Platforms

Reach Google DV360, Adform, PubMatic, Azerion, and more of the world's top platforms.

Zero set-up fees

Effortlessly onboard branded data at no upfront cost and enjoy cost-effectiveness with our revenue share model.

Quick Uploads, Daily Sync

Start activating your data fast with our quick upload speeds while daily synchronization keeps your segments up-to-date.

Multiple ID Onboarding

We support multiple IDs, including the Trade Desk, Xandr, Adform, Lotame & Adobe IDs.

Best-in-class Match Rates

We’ll help you activate your data with up to 80% match rates.

Daily Revenue Updates

With our daily updates, you can keep track of your revenue and optimize your data's performance.


Hyper-targeted audiences for your campaigns

Achieve global reach, flexibility, and scale with our top-tier data solutions. Perfect your targeting and unlock unbeatable results for your campaigns.

Data Offering


Simplify Your Data Unification

Say goodbye to complex data unification processes with our simple and affordable solution. Streamline your data management and elevate your marketing game today.

Customer Data Platform
Customer Data Platform

Nexi has chosen us

By utilising Audiencerate’s new customer data platform (CDP), Nexi will automate and enhance its digital marketing campaigns. Employing streamlined first party data to deliver consistent and measurable communication with new and existing customers, the CDP will help to support business development and growth.


Certified for privacy and security

Your data, our priority.
We are proud to be certified for privacy and security, complying with GDPR, CCPA, and more. As a trusted member of IAB Europe and a Data Collector certified by TrustArc, we prioritize your peace of mind. Rest easy, knowing your information is in safe hands.