Audiencerate and Dstillery

Who is Dstillery and what is their mission?

Dstillery is a team of relentlessly curious data scientists, engineers, marketing and advertising professionals, which help advertisers become smarter and excel at what they do best. In the face of constant technological change, Dstillery provides advanced, AI-driven solutions to companies’ toughest data problems. 

In short, Dstillery’s mission is to set the standard of excellence for the data-driven advertising industry. Its technology and data science empowers brands and their agencies to maximise the value of their customer data, transforming the way they connect with audiences.

What were the primary challenges Dstillery needed to solve?

When we first started working with Dstillery, it was looking for a tech partner that would allow it to activate its audience  at scale. From the outset, our main objectives were to:

  • Monetise data through an agile data onboarding platform
  • Ensure data collection is in full compliance with existing privacy regulations
  • Provide flexible financial models

What made Audiencerate the best partner for the job?

As a data monetisation platform that opens the door between data owners and the world’s largest data marketplaces, Audiencerate operates with full transparency and enables best in class performance. We’ve built our proprietary data offering for advertisers to power their programmatic campaigns.

We empower data owners with full adaptability and control via our self-service platform, as well as provide exposure to buyers all over the world. With our excellent match rates and flexible financial models, we guarantee ROI.

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