How Effective is your Back to School Marketing Strategy

As students plan to say bye to their summer freedom, parents are getting ready to let go of their pay-checks. According to a Deloitte forecast, retailers are set for the strongest back-to-school shopping season on record as inflation drives up prices of clothes and supplies. Back-to-school is one of the busiest retail seasons of the year, which means it’s an equally busy time for marketers. By prepping your back to school advertising now, you can do the legwork to make sure your campaigns reach the right audience as they begin to think about back to school shopping. 

It’s likely that your back-to-school marketing activity is underway, but optimising your strategy will give you the best chance of increasing revenue by capturing a slice of the back-to-school spend throughout August into mid-September. Optimising your back-to-school marketing strategy gives you a better chance of reaching as many customers as possible when the search intent for school supplies picks up.

So how strong is your back to school marketing strategy? If it’s the same as last year, it’s time to try something new as marketing is constantly evolving and if you want to win in today’s competitive market, try these new strategies.

Segment Your Audience – Audience segmentation is relatively important and if done correctly provides a lot of benefits. It’s time to stop treating all your customers the same and pay attention to their different interests. Back to school doesn’t mean the same thing for college kids versus preschool. In fact, tons of factors can impact what messages drive your users to make a purchase. An easy way to do proper audience segmentation is by starting with segmenting your email campaigns to send more relevant messages. For example, customers with school-aged children might be interested in basic supplies and children’s clothing. At the same time, college-age kids are more likely to be interested in dorm supplies and electronics. By doing this properly, you have a high chance of running effective back to school campaigns.

 Keep Your Offers Relevant– Back to school season doesn’t look the same as it did years ago, there’s been so major difference and shift in shopping patterns and habits. Online shopping has grown in recent years, but it exploded as people stayed home due to the pandemic. But what does this mean for your back-to-school campaign? You need to get to know your customers again and offers they might be interested in? Another thing is identifying what problems they have and how you can address them. Another good way to keep your offers relevant is by running a survey to learn what matters to your customers this year as this will help provide the right type of offers to enable you run better performing campaigns.

Maximise revenue using first-party data-If you have ever wondered what to do with all the first-party data you’ve been collection, now is the time to take advantage of all that data. Tailor email content to specific actions customers have taken on your site, whether that’s content consumed or purchases made, and build custom sequences to break through the noise. For instance, if you have a segment of past purchasers who only purchases school supplies? Then target your messaging and content towards teachers and parents of children currently in schools. You can also leverage your first-party data to create custom look-alike audiences based on past purchasers. 

Back to school season is one of the greatest opportunities for brands to increase sales and connect with customers. With these strategies in place it’s never too late to start your marketing campaigns. We have custom built segment audiences just for you so book a DEMO with us to find out how we can help.

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