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dstillery is a leading custom audience solutions company that builds audiences with custom AI models. They provide audiences consisting of thousands of behavioural, demographic, and location-based audiences that can be used to meet by marketers to reach their campaign goals.

dstillery was looking for a data activation platform which would enable them to increase the revenue generated from their data. In particular they wanted an agile partner who could guarantee quick data onboarding, as well as a flexible financial model. Also key was the possibility to work with a partner whose data collection was compliant with existing privacy regulations.



Thanks to our data onboarding platform architecture which is fully hosted on the AWS cloud, we were able to provide dstillery with the agility they required. In response to dstillery’s request for a flexible revenue model, we were able to offer a revenue share model which required no upfront payment from dstillery. As for privacy compliance, we provide a safe environment for data activation as all protocols are designed to be fully compliant with latest GDPR and CCPA regulations.

“Audiencerate’s Data onboarding platform enabled us to start monetizing our proprietary data in just 24 hours across Google DV360 and DFP platforms. The scale we saw is quite considerable thanks to the high match rates we are seeing.”
Evan Hills,
SVP, Development & Strategy at dstillery


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