Demographic Targeting Explained

Demographic targeting is defined as a type of marketing segmentation. Segments include family size, religion, gender, age, ethnicity, education and even income. The data from this can be segmented into different markets, which allow companies to accurately target consumers.

Demographic targeting allows marketers to determine which subgroups or segments appear to exist in the whole population. It provides businesses with the ability to create a crystal-clear picture of the situation and characteristics of a typical part of one of those marketing segments. With proper use of demo targeting, this can significantly help advertisers to target the right audience reducing the unnecessary impressions which on the long run saves budget. Demographic segmentation enables advertisers to identify the potential audience for ads and products which are meant for a specific group of a population with shared traits.

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But why is demographic targeting important? Because it’s efficient.

It allows companies to connect with consumers faster, offering the right experience at the right time. Consumers who acknowledge that companies connect with them at an emotional level are more prone to purchase products and remain interested in the brand. 

Demographic targeting aims at segmenting the audience based on the traits they share and then targeting them with a specific campaign. Demographics segmentation works best when a product has customers with clearly definable personal traits.

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