Creativity, collaborations, and the future of the ad tech industry

When we think about the current state of the ad tech industry, we think about change. We think about hybridity, the merging of on and offline infused new platforms, such as Connected TV (CTV), and consumers, who increasingly engage with media and advertising on social media platforms.

We also think about integration and feedback loops: how successful ventures are born out of working insights back up the supply chain, incorporating different perspectives into research and development. Meanwhile, marketers and advertisers look into their strategies and campaigns, discarding what does not work, and consolidating, updating, and adapting tried and tested methods with new information. In other words, collaborative interdependence, and the seamless transition of knowledge and data within a company, breeds growth.

Progress and learning are crucial in an increasingly fragmented media landscape, a landscape where no social channel reigns supreme, and multiple identity solutions vie for attention in a privacy-centric, cookieless framework. Brands toil to maintain consistency while simultaneously extending reach amongst a growing, global audience, and battling it out with tech giants. All the while, they try to create a truly seamless, immersive, and engaging consumer experience that takes centre stage amidst dizzying metaverse machinations.

One of the key ways to tackle these challenges is to embrace the concept of collaborations. Companies that are open to what partnerships have to offer, welcome the potential of increased capacity and growth into their futures. And here’s why.

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Audience and Reach

When it comes to global audiences, it can be difficult to truly identify and adequately establish audience targeting. Entering a partnership with a company who already has knowledge and insights into the local consumer base not only helps to adapt strategies to a particular audience, it also limits sales and acquisition costs. Furthermore, cross-country partnerships truly evoke the concept of digital globalism by enabling the wider spread of data.

Insights and education

Collaborations should fundamentally provide each company with something the other is lacking, whether this be specific knowledge about an aspect of the market, such as privacy-compliant, data-driven advertising, the cookieless future, or emerging channels. Small to medium companies cannot be expected to master all areas at all times, so to keep up with digital evolution, companies that specialise in complementary fields can inform and teach each other on new trends and developments, maximising awareness around new opportunities.

This sharing of capacities means that profit and growth go both ways. When it came to partnering with PubMatic, Audiencerate was able to support them with key addressability issues, while Pubmatic brought quality and scale to the table. The collaboration guaranteed optimised and more efficient reach for each of their audiences.

Technical tools and capabilities

In most – if not all – situations, a technological problem requires a technological solution. Integrating a diverse range of tools, platforms and portfolios allows two companies to bridge gaps in the market that might have been left vacant, developing new solutions in a complex media environment.

We achieved such a ‘first’ through our partnership with Azerion, assimilating our privacy-compliant data within their programmatic platform, an innovative synergy that strengthened Azerion’s ability to provide quality data, and Audiencerate was able to access Azerion’s considerable influence in the market to expand their operations further.

in the spirit of true collaboration, integration, and hybridisation, each paragraph, aspect, and element, blends aspects with the other. Solutions develop across various fields and disciplines, and only through the creative blending and free flow of information can we truly develop the answers of today, for tomorrow.

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