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We provide agencies & media buyers with hyper-targeted audiences that can easily be pushed into your platform of choice. Start increasing your revenue streams with us today

Audiencerate speed

Data Licensing & Activation

Agencies without their own proprietary data offering can work with Audiencerate to find their ideal audience and license it.

  • Search for available segments in our platform
  • License the segments to your own Google DV360 or Adform seats for activation
  • Add your mark up to the data provider set minimum price

Why Choose Audiencerate for Your Data Needs?

Vast Scale

With 1.8 billion cookies globally, we have the scale you need for your campaigns.

Reliable, Transparent Data

All of our data must meet our stringent quality standards before it’s uploaded.

Advanced Targeting Options

Choose from demographic & interest targeting or create a composite audience.

First Party Data Onboarding

Run better campaigns using data generated from 3rd party activities & campaigns.

Easy Data Access

Once you’ve chosen your ideal audience, push it into your DSP of choice.

Privacy Compliance

We provide a safe environment designed for full compliance with privacy regulations.


Data Onboarding & Activation

Agencies with their own proprietary data offering can onboard their data into the Audiencerate and activate it.

  • Onboard your into our platform
  • Once onboarded, set your pricing
  • Push your segments into Adform or Google DV360 or DFP

Segments can be pushed into the open market for everyone to use or into a specific client seat only with specific pricing

Why Choose Audiencerate for Your Data?

Best-in-class Match Rates

We’ll help you activate your data with match rates of up to 90%.

Fast Upload Speeds

Our super fast upload speeds mean you can start activating your data with minimal wait times.

Flexible Branding Options

Choose whether to brand your audiences when making them available to buyers.

Multiple ID Onboarding

We support multiple IDs, including the Trade Desk, Xandr, Adform, Lotame & Adobe IDs.

Cost Effectiveness

Onboard branded data 

without incurring set-up 


Full Control

Enjoy flexibility, control & transparency on cost structure and revenue

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