Who We Are

We enable compliant data-driven advertising. Via our proprietary technology and platform, we bridge the gap between data providers, agencies and brands, so that marketers can run better performing digital campaigns with trusted and reliable targeting data.


Our History

How It All Started

Our story began back in 2016 when two gaming developers moved into the adtech industry to shake things up. They were at the forefront of cloud infrastructure adoption, choosing to build their technology using another disruptive tech player, Amazon Web Services.

Audiencerate Integrates with Google

It wasn’t long before the efforts of our two founders, Enrico Vecchio and Dino Ricceri, caught the eye of major industry figures and they soon began to integrate the Audiencerate platform with the biggest player in the market, Google. Thanks to the continuous development of its proprietary algorithm, Audiencerate wasted no time in completing this integration and quickly became one of the few licensed Google data providers in existence.

First Clients Onboarded in Italy & the US

As GDPR came into effect in 2018, causing complications for many companies across the industry, Audiencerate continued to go from strength to strength, bringing onboard its first clients in Italy and the US.  

A Privacy-first Tech Enabler

Unlike traditional players, Audiencerate was able to guarantee full privacy compliance from day one. As the industry and its privacy regulations continue to evolve, we keep developing our product and operations accordingly to ensure privacy is at the heart of everything we do.

Audiencerate Continues to Expand

In 2020 Audiencerate expanded its operations, setting up business development teams in Paris, Madrid and London, while starting to onboard clients from Asia. This year also saw numerous partnerships with data providers and the launch of Audiencerate’s marketer platform.


2021 represents another point of departure for the company as our new CEO takes the helm. Fillippo Gramigna brings with him over 20 years of international leadership experience at major media houses, tech companies and brands.

Cookieless Targeting

As the industry looks to move away from third-party cookies, we too at Audiencerate are working to develop a cookieless targeting solution and identity resolution offering. With many new product developments on the horizon, Audiencerate continues to help companies across the globe to realise their marketing data objectives.

Meet the Leadership Team

Our agile, tech-focused team is able to react quickly to market changes and take advantage of trends, ensuring our product offering is always relevant.

Filippo Gramigna


Enrico Vecchio

Co-founder & CTO

Dino Ricceri

Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist

Carla Talarico

Legal Counsel

Alvaro Megias

Global Project Manager

Where To Find Us

Headquartered in London, our team is based in the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

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