Audiencerate Achieves TRUSTe International Privacy Verification

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Our CEO Filippo Gramigna writes on the importance, and process, of Audiencerate achieving the TRUSTe International Privacy Verification

Today, we’re extremely pleased and proud to announce that Audiencerate has received the TRUSTe International Privacy Verification from TrustArc. As an organisation that puts privacy at the heart of everything we do, the verification highlights our commitment to international privacy standards.

Privacy has been a key driver for us from day one and achieving the TRUSTe verification is further proof that as we keep developing our product and operations we are respecting the evolving global privacy expectations; the verification illustrates that verified organizations maintain industry-established principles and standards for protecting personal data. 

To receive a TRUSTe Verification, we had to undergo a three-phase process. The Validation demonstrates privacy compliance that aligns with established privacy principles:
  • The Assessment phase: A member of the Global Privacy Solutions team helps organizations define an assessment scope and guides discovery, the results of which are included in a findings report.
  • The Remediation and Verifications phase: A team member assists the organization as it remediates gaps in privacy programs, awarding a seal and letter of attestation after successful remediation. 
  • The Ongoing Monitoring and Guidance phase: TrustArc provides ongoing compliance monitoring, dispute resolution, and assessment of documentation for the duration of the agreement.

Speaking on the announcement of our verification,  Chris Babel, CEO, TrustArc, said: “TrustArc congratulates Audiencerate on its TRUSTe Verification. Developing ongoing, scalable data privacy programs can be challenging in the face of constantly changing regulations. Organizations, such as Audiencerate, that receive TRUSTe verifications demonstrate to customers that they are privacy-forward companies. We look forward to our continued work with Audiencerate as it maintains its exceptional customer service through adherence to international privacy laws.”  

With the TRUSTe Verification in place, we look forward to continuing to make compliant data-driven marketing easier, by enabling marketers to run better performing campaigns with trusted and reliable targeting data at scale. 

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